Short(s) of Africa - East African Shorts


What do we know about the current audiovisual production in East Africa? What are the topics that stimulate the creativity of young Kenyan, Ugandan, Burundian, Rwandan and Tanzanian authors?

This DVD offers the beginning of an answer: it brings together thirteen films that bear witness to the wealth and vitality of a sector which is constantly evolving and that, in their own way, raise questions about today’s world. The aim is to draw attention to excellent productions from this region and in particular look ahead to an audiovisual awakening in a huge area where this art form is often ignored by the authorities. The programming of this DVD, the second in a collection devoted to African short films, involved a meticulous and enthusiastic selection process undertaken in partnership, among others, with various Belgian and African festivals which we would like to thank very kindly for their cooperation.

Collection Short(s) of Africa

The shorts

- Acquitted, de Makda Testfaladet (Kenya), 2006, 5’
- Bon Voyage, de Kapwani Kiwanaga (Tanzanie), 2004, 3’
- Coming of Age, de Judy Kibinge (Kenya), 2007, 12’
- Confession, de Daddy Ruhorahoza (Rwanda), 2007, 12’
- Dancing Wizard, de Caroline Kmaya (Ouganda), 2004, 10’
- Igare Rya Rufonsi, d’Eric Kabera (Rwanda), 2006, 10’
- Mieux vaut mal vivre que mourir, de Justine Bitagoye & Gaudiose Nininahazwe (Burundi), 2007, 26’
- Ras Star, de Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya), 2006, 25’
- She was a good woman, de Edvine Maloba (Kenya), 2007, 12’
- Short message service, de Aleks Kamau & Faith Kilindi (Kenya), 2006, 13’
- Subira, de Ravneet Singh Chadha (Kenya), 2005, 12’
- The Ball, de Shams Bhanji (Ouganda), 2006, 3’
- The Trip, de James Gayo (Tanzanie), 2007, 16’

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Technical Datasheet

Length: 159’ / Version: French or English / Subtitles: French, Dutch, English / Year of production: 2010 / Producers: Africalia