Conference "Humanising Culture, Art and Media"

Afrika Filmfestival 2017


Afrika Filmfestival 2017 - conference "Humanising Culture, Art and Media"

Afrika Filmfestival (AFF) takes place from April the 21st till May the 6th 2017 in Leuven.

As part of its brand-new Belgium programme for Global Citizenship Education, Africalia is committed to a five-year partnership with AFF. This collaboration has made it possible for Teddy Mazina (Photographer, Burundi) to take part in the conference "Humanising Culture, Art and Media : Who defines the image of the “other” and how? Polarisation versus community building" on Friday April the 21st at 2:00 PM at ABVV (Maria Theresiastraat 119, 3000 Leuven).

This conference wants to go into who defines the other and how, who is the "other" or why is there an “other”? Breaking stereotypes and clichés which are cultural (and political) formed, and asking questions about it, is important for everyone and primarily for those who produced and produces these stereotypes. Can audiovisuals and art demine the polarization based on a "we" and a "they" story?

With: Guy Woueté (Artist, Cameroon/Belgium), Sefaan Mabrouk (Artist, Soudan/ Belgium), Teddy Mazina (Photographer, Burundi), Ebele Okoye (Film maker, Nigeria/Germany) and Walter Verdin (Artist, Belgium).

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Practical info

Dates AFF: 21/04 > 6/05/2017
Date conference "Humanising Culture, Art and Media": 21/04/2017 – 2:00 PM
Place: ABVV, Maria Theresiastraat 119, 3000 Leuven

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